To showcase this link I opted to team it with the aforementioned Pandora BirthStone Charms Canada | Cheap Pandora Charms Outlet birth month flowers. I wanted to avoid glass entirely as it’s a look that just doesn’t work for me. Rather I created a wholly silver bracelet and twinned it with a Pandora rubber and silver creation.

Lovers of floral design are going to adore this link. Of the two overtly floral links (Bloom and Poppy Decadence) I vastly prefer this design. The simple floral focus feels less fussy than Pandora with it’s littered surface texturing.

It’s still far from urban but when utilised alone on a rubber bracelet, it just about treads the line between edgy and feminine. You could easily wear this with a leather jacket and skinny jeans without it looking too twee or Pandora Flowers Charms Canada | Cheap Pandora Charms Outlet.

For those then appreciative of more feminine design, combining it with Bloom and the existing floral links will create a spring time bracelet.

There’s one final note I’d like to make regarding the practical aspects of this line. After experimenting quite extensively with the whole release, it feels to me that the tiny gap in the link that lends X it’s name has been narrowed a shade. I have heard reports of people losing bracelets from their wrist though I’ll openly say this has never happened to me. A couple of these links were downright difficult to remove from neighbouring links. I received the release in it’s entirety, all linked together in a single bracelet and it took easily ten minutes to detach the links from each other.

Earlier today a teaser image of an upcoming Pandora release appeared on social Pandora Sports Charms. This Pandora blog article brings a sneak peek of this teaser as a possible Pandora Easter 2014 sneak peek.

Last week I speculated that we’d see a Pandora release during March, or at least a preview. Earlier today a number of European distributors issued a teaser image via social media. Typically of teasers, it’s a very ambiguous image but I’m guessing it’s a sneak peek of the Pandora Easter 2014 release. With the Pandora Mother’s Day 2014 release debuting on March the 21st and Easter falling on Sunday April the 20th, aside from a miscellaneous limited edition, I can’t imagine what else we’re currently expecting.